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Code of Conduct

Börse Berlin is committed to the cross-border regulation of European markets, more competition between exchanges and a more efficient clearing and settlement for cross-border security transactions.

Code of Conduct

The objectives are clear: ease trading of securities for investors, cost-effective trading conditions all over Europe and a dismantling of regulatory barriers.

In order to reach these goals, Börse Berlin has signed the “European Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement”. We are actively engaged in investor protection and the creation of cost-effective basic conditions for trading and clearing and settlement in Europe. Investors profit already from the price transparency and disclosure of our fee structure. Equiduct, the trading platform operated under the roof of Börse Berlin, already offers several clearing and settlement solutions.


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The most active securities

Name Type Change in %
0,5 % Bundesanleihe von 2016/26 Bond
0,25 % Bundesanleihe von 2017/27Listing Bond
0 % Bundesanleihe von 2016/26 Bond
Tesla Motors Stock
Vanguard FTSE Devel. Asia Pacific ex Japan Mutual Fund
Thyssen Krupp (2025) Bond
8,75% Metalcorp (2018)Trade Cancellations / Price Corrections Bond
Deka Immo. Global Mutual Fund
5,75% ENEL Finance International S.A. (2018) Bond
1% Covestro AG (2021) Bond
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