Börse Berlin has achieved a turnover of €14.6 Billion during the second quarter of 2017


Börse Berlin’s Market places, Xontro and Equiduct, achieved a combined turnover of €14.6 billion and 2.22 million trades in the second quarter of 2017.

Xontro’s trading performance continues to rise in 2017. Not only have the number of trades risen by 12% in comparison to Q2/2016, but the turnover in equities has increased by 21% (from €255 Mio. to €309 Mio.). Equiduct’s turnover performance continues to be strong at €13.2 billion. Thanks to Equiduct’ s unique trading model, investors were able to save over €1.5 million.

For more details, please see the following table:

Number of Trades Q2/2017Number of Trades Q2/2016Change in %
Börse Berlin2,222,2092,503,117- 11
Xontro61,41054,754+ 12
Equiduct 2,160,7992,448,363- 12
Turnover in billion € Q2/2017Turnover in billion € Q2/2016Change in %
Börse Berlin14.615.3- 5
Xontro1.42.0- 30
Equiduct13.213.3- 1

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