Börse Berlin reaches a Turnover of more than €63 Billion in 2016


Boerse Berlin’s two Market places, Equiduct and Xontro, achieved a combined turnover of €63.7 billion in 2016. While the turnover was shy of last year’s figures, the number of trades increased by 6%, from 9.7 million in 2015 to 10.3 million in 2016.

Number of Trades Year 2016Number of Trades Year 2015Change in %
Börse Berlin10.3 million9.7 million+ 6.2
Xontro224,709237,291- 5.3
Equiduct10 million9.5 million+ 5.3
Turonver in billion € Year 2016Turonver in billion € Year 2015Change in %
Börse Berlin63.769.9- 8.9
Xontro6.76.2+ 8.1
Equiduct57.063.7- 10.5

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