Börse Berlin reaches a Turnover of more than €46 Billion in 2018


In 2018 Borse Berlin’s two Market Places, Equiduct and Xontro, achieved a combined turnover of over €46.4 billion.

As a result of political upheaval, trade disputes and tight monetary policies, financial markets have suffered. Investors shift their focus from trading in times of uncertainty, leading to a decrease in Borse Berlin’s figures.

Number of Trades Year 2018Number of Trades Year 2017Change in %
Börse Berlin6.4 Mio.8.3 Mio.- 23
Xontro154,781231,068- 33
Equiduct6.3 Mio.8.3 Mio.- 24
Turnover in billion € Year 2018Turnover in billion € Year 2017Change in %
Börse Berlin46.455.7- 17
Xontro4.75.4- 13
Equiduct41.750.3- 17


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