Börse Berlin: Turnover in the first half of the year reaches €25.1 billion


Börse Berlin’s Market places, Xontro and Equiduct, achieved a combined turnover of 25.1 billion and trades reached 3.3 million.

The number of trades on Börse Berlin has seen a slight increase from the second half of 2017 to the first half of 2018. Equiduct’s turnover rose by almost three percent, Xontro’s turnover remained unchanged.

Number of Trades First half of 2018Number of Trades Second half of 2017Change in %
Börse Berlin3,303,7753,696,711- 10.6
Xontro78,77894,758- 16.9
Equiduct3,224.9973,601,953- 10.5
Turnover in billion € First half of 2018Turnover in billion Second half of 2017Change in %
Börse Berlin25.124.5+ 2.5
Equiduct22.722.1+ 2.7

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