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Trading Start 8:00

The early bird catches the worm on Xontro ‒ Chinese and US markets are open and you want to participate. No problem, Berlin lead brokers are early birds.

Trading start on 8:30

Trading Start 8:00 on Xontro

As of December 23rd 2010 trading on Xontro opens at 8:00 CET at Börse Berlin. The early start is particularly useful for investors who want to react in a timely way to developments or news in the American and Asian markets, giving members a trading advantage particularly in times of volatile markets.

Our lead brokers are obliged to publish up to date Quotes (Bid and Ask sides with volumes) for national and international index stocks throughout the day. For all other stocks lead brokers have to look closely at price developments on the respective reference markets.

Starting early is just one of the benefits Börse Berlin has to offer:

  • Attractive and narrow spreads from 8:00 CET
  • Significant turnovers before 9:00 CET
  • Each order is monitored by the trade surveillance

The following are liquidity obligations of the lead brokers:

Shares Number of shares Minimum Volume in EUR Spread
DAX 30 10,000 Competitive to other markets
MDAX 50 5,000 Competitive to other markets
SDAX 50 1,500 Competitive to other markets
TecDAX30 2,500 Competitive to other markets

The advantage of trading on Xontro: Our lead brokers provide liquidity for less liquid stocks, so that you have a better chance that your orders will be executed.

Read more about Xontro on the page Xontro.

Trading Start 9:00 on Equiduct

Trading hours on the fully electronic Equiduct are from 9:00 CET to 17:30 CET.

You can find more information about Equiduct on the Quality of Trading/Equiduct page.


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