The rules and regulations of Börse Berlin provide the framework for orderly exchange trading.

Members trading on Equiduct are obliged to fulfil certain obligations that are laid down in detail in the “Exchange Rules”, the “Trading Rules for Electronic Trading” and the “Terms and Conditions for the Berlin Open Market”. The admission requirements for lead brokers, market participants and issuers are regulated by the “Exchange Rules”, and the “Terms and Conditions for the Berlin Open Market”.

Exchange listed companies and security issuers need to publish certain legally defined notices in mandatory newspapers of the respective exchange. The Management of Börse Berlin has commissioned 7 supra-regional and 14 regional daily newspapers and magazines as mandatory stock exchange newspapers (for a list of these newspapers see “Mandatory Papers”).

The following documents are availlable for download:

Details regarding HFT

The following document will be available for download before long:

  • Terms and Conditions for Trading in the Berlin Open Market


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0 % Bundesanleihe von 2020/30Listing Bond
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2,5% Otto GmbH & Co. KG (2023) Bond
3,5% PROKON Regenerative Energien eG (2030)Resumption Bond
Saracen Minerals Holdings Ltd. Stock
Biontech SE ADR Stock
DocuSign Inc. Stock
Xetra-Gold IHS 2007(09/Und) Certificate
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