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Bond Trading on Xontro

The huge amount of bonds traded on Börse Berlin´s Xontro market place may make it harder for you to reach a decision. No need to hurry, though. You have already found the right stock exchange to place your order, so now you can take your time to find the right bonds.

Bond Trading on Xontro

No matter what sort of bonds you are interested in - fixed interest securities issued by the German Federation or the Länder, corporate bonds, jumbo bonds or foreign bonds - in Berlin you can choose from a large selection of bonds and find attractive conditions for trading. Our lead brokers guarantee liquidity, ensuring that your orders will be executed.

The advantages of bond trading at Börse Berlin:

  • Fast order execution and continuous trading
  • Over 18,600 bond issues from different bond classes tradeable
  • Narrow spreads and high quote volumes
  • Continuous trading from 8:00 to 17:30 CET

The following are liquidity obligations of the lead brokers:

For German Federal Bonds with a maturity under 5 years our lead brokers guarantee a maximum spread of 0.05 Euro. If the maturity lies between 5 and 10 years a maximum spread of 0.10 Euro is guaranteed at a minimum quote volume of 250,000 Euro respectively.

For corporate bonds, jumbo bonds and other bonds lead brokers guarantee a maximum spread of 0.30 Euro with a minimum quote volume of 100,000 Euro.

Foreign Currency Bonds

Clearance for all foreign currency bonds on Börse Berlin is carried out in Euro. To improve pre-trade transparency, the following binding rules for the conversion of bonds emitted in a foreign currency into Euro are effective as of 15 February 2014.

The settlement exchange rate of the foreign currency is based on the real time bid- and ask-prices used in the interbank trade. As currencies are subject to short-term up- and downturns a defined maximum increase or decrease has been determined.

Please have a look at the table below to see the maximum increase respectively decrease for each pair of currencies (as of 1 July 2015):

CurrencyCountryAbsolute Increase/Decrease
EUR/GBPGreat Britain0.002
EUR/NZDNew Zealand0.004
EUR/HKDHong Kong0.010
EUR/ZARSouth Africa0.040
EUR/CZKCzech Republic0.040


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The most active bonds

Issuer / Name Last Change in %
Bundesrepublik Deutschland 103.413
Bundesrepublik Deutschland 100.619
Bundesrepublik DeutschlandListing 100.101
PG & E Corp. 75.000
Portugal, Republik 105.560
Eterna Mode Holding GmbH 103.250
Metro AG 89.760
Novalis 101.030
Stada Arzneimittel AGSuspension 100.110
Metro AG 97.510
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