Equiduct Fees

Equiduct is a pan European trading platform offering a central limit order book and best execution services. Equiduct also provides a derived consolidated data feed.


You can find up-to-date fees for all products on the Equiduct Website on the Fee Structure page.


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The most active securities

Name Type Change in %
0,5 % Bundesanleihe von 2017/27Notierungsaufnahme einer Aufstockung Bond
0,25 % Bundesanleihe von 2017/27 Bond
0 % Bundesanleihe von 2016/26 Bond
1,875% Otto GmbH & Co. KG (2024) Bond
0,25% HSH Nordbank AG (2020) Certificate
3,125% Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (2018) Bond
1% AEGON N.V. (2023) Bond
PFI SETF Mutual Fund
2% BASF SE (2022) Bond
Facebook Inc. Stock
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